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Most individuals associate the critical hormone melatonin with the promotion of sleep and regulation of the sleep-wake cycle but less is known about its regulatory roles in other functions that promote anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune-enhancing, and metabolic benefits. Produced primarily by the pineal gland in the brain, melatonin’s synthesis and release is regulated by light cues i.e. melatonin starts to be released at night with diminishing light,
Viruses such as influenza and other respiratory viruses activate an immune response in the human body which includes antiviral and pro-inflammatory responses.  The extent of this response is influenced by several factors and explains why one person can experience mild symptoms from the same cold or flu virus whilst another can experience more severe symptoms and illness. Infections with particularly virulent respiratory viruses may also trigger
Dear Customers,   Pharmacies have been deemed as essential services by the Australian government and for the health of the community, will remain at the frontline of the current health pandemic.  To continue to deliver a high level of service, we are committed to the safety and protection of our customers, staff and the most vulnerable in our community. Under guidance from the Australian government and
The aftermath of the recent South Australian bushfires will impact for time to come. We’ve chosen to support the incredible efforts of a few organisations which are close to our hearts who have been working both at the frontline and behind the scenes to assist our affected local communities and wildlife. Our stores will be activating the following initiatives: *Collecting food and essential supplies for: Foodbank
Position Statement on Lidocaine-Containing Teething Gel for Oral Pain Relief Green Dispensary’s Teething Gel is based on a formula containing lidocaine and chlorhexidine, which is applied topically to the oral mucosa for analgesic and antiseptic purposes. First developed over 10 years ago, our original formula resembled a liquid-like consistency which was later re-developed into a firm dental gel to minimise the risk of potential overdose. This
Diabetes is chronic condition that requires support, education and understanding. Often the diagnosis can be overwhelming and living with it every day requires the support of a health care team. Your health care team is made up of health professionals that you choose to support you through your journey, as well as friends and family that are able to help you make decisions about your well

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