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PEA is experiencing a surge in popularity as a safe and natural approach to addressing a diverse range of chronic and neuropathic pain and inflammation issues. PEA stands for palmitoylethanolamide, a fatty molecule produced endogenously in response to tissue damage and injury as part of the body’s natural immune process. Found widely throughout the body’s tissues, PEA has been extensively studied since the 1950s as a
Hypoglycemia is most common in people who inject insulin or who take certain tablets (called sulphonylureas) to manage their diabetes. A hypoglycaemic event is defined as blood glucose levels less than 4mmol/L whether the person has symptoms or not. Common symptoms of hypoglycaemia include: Sweating Shaking, weakness Hunger Lack of concentration Changes in mood Headache, dizziness   To treat hypoglycaemia, an individual should eat short acting
The quest to resist the effects of ageing has long been leveraged by marketers of health and beauty products. The latest in the line up of “anti-ageing” health supplements is collagen, derived from what were once by-products of the meat and seafood industry. What we now know, is that supplementing or increasing dietary intake of the specific group of proteins found in these by-products contribute a
A segment on natural supplements went to air on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes on Sunday 10th Feb 2019, regarding adverse effects related to their use and raising questions around their quality, safety and efficacy. We felt the segment presented an unbalanced view of the safety of natural supplements, of how these and other medicines are regulated in Australia, and that the adverse events presented failed to

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