About Us

Our customers like our ‘green’ approach. That’s why we are called The Green Dispensary group of pharmacies.

Who is the Green Dispensary?

The Green Dispensary is a group of retail pharmacies located in South Australia. Our pharmacies are located at Blackwood and Stirling in the Adelaide Hills plus Erindale in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The Green Dispensary has also established a purpose-built, state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy. Located in St Peters, this facility is the first and only dedicated compounding pharmacy in South Australia… and one of only a few in Australia. As a group, The Green Dispensary pharmacies offer their customers a unique array of professional and retail services.

Our customers like our ‘green’ approach. That’s why we are called The Green Dispensary group of pharmacies

The Green Dispensary Story

Back in the 1980′s, there was a strong movement towards self-medication using so-called ‘natural’ products. In many instances, herbs and vitamins were being consumed with little or no regard to proven efficacy. Furthermore, health food stores were springing up where customers were receiving advice from shop owners with little or no formal training in natural and nutritional medicines.

Pharmacist partners Laurie Broomhead and John Mitchell decided that there was a need to give customers and patients the best of both worlds… the opportunity to select the ‘natural’ products they were looking for, but in a pharmacy environment… where tertiary trained pharmacists could educate and guide the patient in a more balanced and constructive way.

The Green Dispensary pharmacy in Stirling, South Australia, was launched with a large department devoted to nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplementation. The ‘natural pharmacy’ formula was well received by customers with The Green Dispensary pharmacy format going from strength to strength.

In South Australia, Green Dispensary pharmacies have since opened at Blackwood and Erindale, with South Australia’s first and only dedicated Compounding Pharmacy opening as The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy in St Peters.

Accredited in ‘Quality Care Pharmacy Program’

Each of The Green Dispensary pharmacies is accredited in the “Quality Care Pharmacy Program”, conducted annually by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

What we stand for

For your health, your children’s health and the health of the environment.

The Green Dispensary group of pharmacies brings to the community a philosophy, which is embedded in the catch cry – ‘for your health, your children’s health and the health of the environment’. Keeping an open mind, The Green Dispensary believes in a more holistic approach to healthcare, where modern western medicine and complementary medicine can work together in the preventative and curative treatment of patients.

At The Green Dispensary, you are treated as an individual, not just a number! We all value an encounter with a health professional when we are treated with care and understanding. When that encounter includes intelligent, knowledgeable assessment AND an open mindedness in the approach to treatment, it’s likely that a special relationship will develop between patient and professional.

Our holistic approach extends to the environment too. Looking after our environment is of paramount importance if we are to enjoy happy and healthy lifestyles.

You have a real choice

At The Green Dispensary, you have a real choice. In keeping with our philosophy, not only do we offer the pharmacy ‘big brand’ products but we also offer a wide range of natural, nutritional, organic and specially compounded products too.

Naturally, our pharmacies have one of the largest selections of natural and nutritional products to be found in South Australia, but even our skincare, hair care and baby care ranges are carefully selected by criteria such as ‘certified organic’ or ‘paraben-free’ or ‘no artificial colouring’. Look for Our Green Tick identification on these products in-store.

If you are looking for a real choice in pharmacy products, then call in to The Green Dispensary pharmacy nearest to you

Our pharmacists are qualified in natural & nutritional medicine

Unlike other pharmacies, The Green Dispensary employs pharmacists who are qualified as Bachelor of Pharmacy and trained in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

As Practitioners of Natural and Nutritional Medicine, our pharmacists can offer genuine, qualified advice regarding complementary medicine… the features, the benefits and how they may interact with your prescription medicines.

Beyond that, our Green Dispensary team members are well trained in the features of individual products. So a friendly chat with them will be constructive and informative for you. Even so, our team members are well aware of when it is important that you speak directly to one of our ACNEM qualified pharmacists.

Consider that – pharmacists who are qualified not only as Professional Pharmacists but also as Practitioners of Natural and Nutritional Medicines. It seems that not all pharmacies are created equal!

‘Practitioner-only’ vitamins and supplements

One of the other benefits of our pharmacists being qualified as practitioners of Natural and Nutritional Medicine is that they are able to prescribe and dispense a range of ‘practitioner-only’ products. These products are not available at many pharmacies, so if you or your doctor feel there is a need for high-dose Vitamin D, for example, then your Green Dispensary pharmacist is not far away