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Accredited in ‘Quality Care Pharmacy Program’

Each of The Green Dispensary pharmacies is accredited in the “Quality Care Pharmacy Program”, conducted annually by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The “Quality Care Pharmacy Program” is a national accreditation system implemented in order to maintain high standards in healthcare for pharmacy customers.

Visit the QCPP website

Home Medication Review

The Home Medication Review system was established to help doctors and patients manage the patient’s medication intake. It is an ideal service for patients who have collected medication over a period of time, and may not be familiar with ‘what drug does what’. The HMR system calls for pharmacists to visit the patient’s home to review their medication.

There is no cost to the patient.

The pharmacist looks at all drugs in the home, checking for compliance and possible drug interactions. They are able to dispose of old medicines, and also make recommendations to the patient’s doctor about which drugs or dosages might need changing.

More and more doctors in South Australia are enquiring about the availability of Home Medication Reviews [HMR] in their local area. Your doctor may be interested to know that The Green Dispensary now has access to fully trained HMR pharmacists.

Pain Wise

Approximately 1 in 5 GP patients suffer chronic pain; of these patients 56% manage their pain with medication alone. We now know that best practice pain management involves a team care arrangement involving doctors, psychologists, dieticians, pharmacists, exercise physiologists, etc, and that notably chronic pain is poorly managed by medication alone. Pain clinics connected to public hospitals are not able to keep up with demand and have long waiting lists. To help people with this condition The Green Dispensary have partnered with PainWISE to educate ourselves and our patients who suffer with chronic pain.

The PainWISE program is here to help you, the pain sufferer or carer, to gain the valuable information you need to become a better MANAGER of your pain and make confident choices about pain management.

The PainWISE educational program is evidenced based, up to date, and aligns consistently with educational programs supplied at hospital pain clinics allowing you to work better with your pharmacist and other health care professionals.

For more information please speak with one of our pharmacists or visit the PainWISE website via the link below

Visit the PainWISE website


The Green Dispensary pharmacies have two pharmacists who are also experts in the management of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Kirrily and Julie have both undergone extensive training to qualify as credentialed diabetes educators.

As credentialed diabetes educators they are recognised by Medicare, Veterans Affairs and Private Health Insurers to provide accurate up to date information to people with diabetes. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes, or who have a predisposition to the disease, or other interested parties, are invited to phone or call in to one of our Green Dispensary Pharmacies.

Both Kirrily and Julie are available by appointment to consult with patients one on one. Some fees may apply.

Our Prescription Management Service can help you

This is a FREE service, which our pharmacy customers find convenient and helpful.

On request, we will hold your prescription repeats safe and sound at the pharmacy. All you need to do is phone ahead and we can have your medication ready and waiting for you when you arrive. At the same time we can keep an accurate Safety Net record for you too.

Pharmacist Direct

GD Pharmacist Direct is a customer service initiative developed by the Green Dispensary pharmacy group – and in place right now at your local Green Dispensary Pharmacy.

GD Pharmacist Direct is a one-on-one, uninterrupted consultation with one of our specially qualified Green Dispensary pharmacists. It is provided at no cost to you, as part of the trusted Green Dispensary professional health care program.

Instead of being kept busy inside of the dispensary, our Pharmacists are now free at an adjoining counter when you need them.

GD Pharmacist Direct is specifically designed to give you an opportunity to discuss health related matters with our pharmacists, one-on-one and uninterrupted, every time you collect your prescription … or anytime you have a specific health issue that concerns you. No Problem.

GD Pharmacist Direct is already proving popular with our existing Green Dispensary patients and customers. They love the fact that our Pharmacist is always there, face-to-face ready to help in anyway they can.

Yes, things have changed at your local Green Dispensary pharmacy … for the better … for you … thanks to GD Pharmacist Direct.