Why us

Why Us

We are here to help you & your family

At The Green Dispensary we believe your health is unique to you. For the best health outcome you should be treated as an individual, not just a number!

The Green Dispensary group of pharmacies brings to the community a philosophy, which is embedded in our mission statement– ‘for your health, your children’s health and the health of the environment’. Keeping an open mind, The Green Dispensary believes in a more holistic integrative approach to healthcare, where modern western medicine and complementary medicine can work together in the preventative and curative treatment of patients.

Your health requires intelligent, knowledgeable assessment AND open mindedness in the approach to treatment. This is why we have brought our pharmacists out of the dispensary and made them more easily accessible to you.

Our holistic approach extends to the environment too. Looking after our environment is of paramount importance if we are to enjoy happy and healthy lifestyles. The Green Dispensary actively promotes environmental issues such as the recycling of medicine bottles.

At The Green Dispensary we want you to have a real choice. In keeping with our philosophy, not only do we offer the ‘big brand’ pharmacy products but we also offer a wide range of natural, nutritional, organic and specially compounded products too. Naturally, our pharmacies have specialist selections of practitioner only natural and nutritional products, but our skincare, hair care and baby care ranges are carefully selected to include criteria such as ‘certified organic’ or ‘paraben-free’ or ‘no artificial colouring’.

At The Green Dispensary we want to personalise your health with you. We have the ability to tailor make medication specifically for your health requirements at our St Peters compounding pharmacy.